Tracktable 1.6.0 is released

This release includes a hotfix for a download error in Cartopy. As soon as the Cartopy team is able to fix this in a new release we will update our version requirements and remove the hotfix. For more information about the underlying problem, see

This release includes major API changes:

  • Render module (tracktable.render) has been refactored to abstract away details of the back end
  • Analysis module (tracktable.analysis) has been split into Applications (tracktable.applications) and Algorithms (tracktable.algorithms). Bindings from the Analysis module are still in place with deprecation warnings and will be removed in release 1.8.

The Applications module contains functions for prediction, anomaly detection, clustering, and “boxiness” (how close a trajectory is to a perfect square). We will be refining and updating these modules in the next few releases.

This release also includes revamped Python tutorials and demos which should be easier to follow and try out for yourself! Find them in the code at ...tracktable/Python/tracktable/examples and on ReadTheDocs at