Frequently Asked Questions

When will you support Python 3.9?

We will start building and publishing wheels for Python 3.9 with Tracktable 1.5.0, due in January 2021.


How do you spell Tracktable?

One word, initial T capitalized, all other letters lower case.  


How do you pronounce Tracktable?

Pronounce it as if it were two words: ‘track table’.


What’s with this import error with the core types library?

This is almost always a problem with one of the underlying libraries.  If you built and installed Tracktable from source code, make sure that your Boost libraries are on your path (for Windows) or your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Linux) or your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (MacOS).  If you installed using “pip install tracktable” on Windows, you probably need to install the Visual C++ Runtime.  If neither of these things apply, please contact us for help.